Tree Removal Chico CA

Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is one of the ​​specialty services we offer to our customers in Butte County. 

 We use state-of-the-art machines to carry out this work with a safety first mindset. Our professional tree removal teams remove the trees and all debris, but we can leave the firewood if you prefer. 

 – Tree felling is very important if you want to preserve the value of your property. 

 – Removing some trees that may be overcrowded and damaging other trees can improve the beauty of your property.

 – Dead or dying trees are dangerous and should be properly felled and safely removed  by a professional. 

 We are experts in removing Bigleaf Maple, California Buckeye, Western Redbud, Oregon Ash, California Walnut, Gray Pine, Western Sycamore, Fremont’s Cottonwood, Blue Oak, Valley Oak, Interior LIve Oak, Blue Elderberry, California Bay Laurel, and more!

 We employ experienced climbers and trained shovelers to remove all types of trees in and around Chico.


Because tree removal is a delicate but dangerous job, Chico Tree Removal puts safety first.Our team members attend weekly safety briefings to protect themselves and our customers. Our arborists remove trees using the latest techniques to ensure an efficient and safe job. 

Reasons For Tree Removal


Trees in Chico are being removed for a variety of reasons including collapse, death, safety hazards, and the public buildings


Trees growing outside a safe area


Dead, dying and diseased trees


Trees with cracks and tears


Trees snapped, damaged, felled or uprooted by a strong wind or storm


Trees with dangerous or destructive roots


Trees damaging the house or concrete


Cleaning the leaves is overwhelming


Pool stains or too much dirt in the pool

Typical tree felling involves chipping branches and hauling logs away. The stumps can be ground according to customer requirements. We are fully insured for your protection. While tree removal is usually a last resort, there are times when it is necessary.

Our arborists can help you decide whether to have your tree felled as they have the skills and equipment needed to fell trees safely and efficiently.

Storm & Wind Damage – Fallen Tree Removal:

High winds and violent thunderstorms are more common in Chico than you might think, especially in the spring. Hurricane-force gusts of winds unfortunately cause devastating damage to many trees. Trees are damaged, snapped, uprooted, or simply felled, damaging property and blocking roads.

Chico Tree Removal quickly and safely removes fallen or damaged trees, including cleaning and removing all debris.



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